One of the major attractions of our campus is our Multipurpose Hall. It is separated from the main building and can accommodate around 500 persons. The Hall is designed with a sound, Lighting and L.C.D Projection system. It’s a blessing for us in conducting various co-curricular activities. Often we conduct Day celebrations, Alumni gatherings etc. in this Hall.


We have launched Punching system for staff and students in our institution. The installation of punching system has elicited great results. This system enables us to ensure the punctuality of our staff and students. It has promoted discipline in the campus.


The advancement in Technology has caused a paradigm shift in the Teaching – Learning process. So it is the need of the time for the future teachers to have practical knowledge about the modern developments in Technology. So we have set two Smart Classrooms. It makes the learning interesting for the students and enables teachers to transact knowledge effectively. The classroom is integrated with the digital displays, tabs, whiteboards and other audio-visual components that make teaching easier and interactive.

ET-LAB (Educational technology lab)

Information and Communication Technology Lab facility is available in the ITE. The lab with sufficient equipments like LCD Projector, T.V, V.C.D and powerful audio systems is a blessing for the Teacher Educators as well as the Teacher Trainees